under the bridge in town

with a rumblin' mess o trains overhead, and harsh flourescent lighting an a smankin' mickey D's interior, kanda yamagataya in akihabara gets a fat-ass zero for ambience. but it do have a good bowl of shoyuu an some very likeable chashew, which makes up for a lot. Posted by Hello

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Hey the_shoe, it looks like our paths have crossed again. My wife and I were in Japan last September. We (I) couldn't pass up visiting Akihabara to see all of the gadgets that won't be here in the United States for several more months, if at all. We had lunch in a ramen place that pretty closely resembles what you described. Good food.

Love those coffee vending machines too, especially when my body is still on Eastern U.S. time.

12:28 PM 

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